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Bunny Ears (Fabric) - Breast Lift Cups

Bunny Ears (Fabric) - Breast Lift Cups

Enjoy support, lift and shape with the Bosom Buddy Breast Lift Cups! These fabric bunny ear breast lift cups are the perfect solution for tricky necklines and backless outfits. These adhesive cups grip firmly to your skin and give you an instant lift with full nipple coverage. Suitable for a range of cup sizes, these breast lifts are flattering, comfortable and easy to use. 

  • Washable and reusable
  • Soft foam material is comfortable
  • Adhesive sticks firmly to the skin
  • Nipple guide helps you to position the adhesive bra on correctly

Size Guide (Breast Lift Cups - Fabric Bunny Ears)

Medium:  9cm width

Large:    11cm width

X Large: 13cm width

XXL Plus: 15cm width 


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What You Need To Know


Peel off the backing from the breast lift cup and position it in place on the centre of your breast using the nipple guide.

Firmly press the centre of the cup into position and then lift from the top ‘bunny ears’ and stick firmly into place.

To remove after wearing, peel off gently starting from the top. If needed you can use baby oil to reduce irritation and to remove any glue residue.


Ensure you apply the breast lift cups one at a time in front of a mirror in order to achieve your desired positioning and a symmetrical fit.

If you are not happy with the positioning, simply peel off and reapply.

If the cups start to lose their stickiness, hand wash with mild soap and water and leave to completely air dry. This will remove body oils and sweat and make the adhesive sticky again.

Depending on the outfit you may prefer to position the bunny ears straight up, slightly outwards, or slightly inwards. If needed you can trim the top of bunny ears to suit your neckline.

The Bunny lift cup does not need to cover your entire breast to be effective and give you a lift. However, you may prefer to go up or down a size depending on how much coverage you would like.

Fabric Content

Polyester/Silicone/Silicone Glue

Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap.

Air dry.

Cover the adhesive with the plastic film when not in use.